Mission Statement

“To provide our clients with accurate and usable information to improve decision outcomes.”

Who We Are

Decision Research, Inc. has completed over 1500 projects analyzing the attitudes, preferences, past behaviors, predispositions and cognitive structures of customers, employees and the public at large regarding products, policies, service and other decision questions.  These analyzes provide strategic and detailed guidance for fact-based decision making by clients.  Recent projects have included competitive analysis of product groups, secondary analysis of 800 calls, customer satisfaction surveys, political polling and jury surveys.  Decision Research applies appropriate analysis and strives to make analysis accessible to clients.  When needed the firm has applied advanced statistical techniques such as factor analysis, regression, logistic regression, conjoint analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, meta-analysis and median-based analysis.

Our Research Team

Dan Farrell Ph.d- President

Dr. Dan Farrell is the principal study director of Decision Research, Inc.  His PhD (University of Iowa) is in sociology and statistics and his bachelor’s degree is in psychology.  He is also a Professor and former Chair of Management, Haworth College of Business, at Western Michigan University.  Dr. Farrell’s research has appeared in scientific journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Human Relations.  Dr. Farrell has published two books, and has served as member of the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review.  Dan contributed a chapter, “Using Social Science Methods to Improve Voir Dire and Jury Selection” to A Handbook of Jury Research, Walter Abbott & John Batt eds. (ALI-ABA, 1999).  His most recent article, “Does Age Produce Wisdom in Jurors?” appears in Trial Defense Quarterly, October 2009.  He has also been a guest lecturer at the National Advocacy Center, U.S. Department of Justice and is a member and conference presenter for The American Society of Trial Consultants.  Through Decision Research, Inc. Dan has served as a jury consultant for over 250 cases.

Sheryl Farrell- Vice President

Sheryl is the chief project manager and administrator for Decision Research. She hold a BBS from Western Michigan University majoring in operations management.

Debora Dumas- Senior Analyst

Deborah Dumas is the senior research analyst.  She holds an MBA and a BBA from Central Michigan University where she graduated cum laude.  She has twenty years of experience in advanced statistical analysis and graphic presentation.

Statement of Confidentiality

Decision Research maintains a staff of trained analysts and interviewers. Our company policies encourage continuous employment and ongoing research education. All employees execute comprehensive non-disclosure agreements and are thoroughly trained in confidentiality issues. Files are maintained under lock and key, and pseudonyms and coded information are stored separately from referent files. Data files are routinely removed from storage drives and also stored under lock and key. Surplus documents are shredded before disposal.

These provisions and this statement of confidentially attest that Decision Research will maintain the confidentiality of any information provided by our clients.